museum and zoo theming

Go wild with Themed Concepts! We have created fun environments for zoos and museums across the country. From animal exhibits, to interactive educational pieces, and even underwater - Themed Concepts can make your exhibits more fun for both animals and humans.

Give us a call, our design team can work with you on your next project  - big or small. And just as important - we will keep it within your budget. Our art department can create full-color project drawings and even highly detailed scale models to help get your project moving.


What can Themed Concepts create for you? Here are just a few ideas:

• Themed entrance signs and fun exhibit signs

• Unique photo-ops with 3D animals or your logo

• All types of exhibit work with rocks and temple stone, waterfalls and pools, trees and hollow logs - all with realistic colors and textures

• Aquariums complete with coral of all types and colors as well as underwater features: logs, sunken ships, statues, tunnels, etc.

• Inter-active educational pieces. How about a small bear den next to your bear exhibit for the kids to crawl inside? or a giant bird's nest to sit in beside an aviary? or child-sized ant tunnels to crawl through along-side a bug exhibit? or a dinosaur dig with your dinosaur exhibit? We've done all this and more!

• Statues of all shapes and sizes

• An entire themed playground - complete with climbers, slides and towers - all themed to look like anything you choose: a tree house, medieval castles, a tropical paradise, dinosaurs, an underwater reef, or an African safari - literally the sky is the limit!


You can see Themed Concepts work at the following Zoos and Museums:

• Minnesota State Zoo

• Henry Villa Zoo, Madison, Wisconsin

• Gladys Porter Zoo, Brownsville, Texas

• Blank Park Zoo, Des Moines, Iowa

• Como Zoo, St. Paul, Minnesota

• Minnesota Science Museum

• Children's Museum, St. Paul, Minnesota

• Irvine Park Zoo, Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin

• Discovery Channel® Stores

• Detroit Science Museum

• Minnesota Space Museum

• Minnesota Zoological Gardens

• Chippewa Zoo




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museum and zoo theming

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museum and zoo theming
museum and zoo theming
museum and zoo theming